What is Rick Simpson Oil?

What is Rick Simpson Oil

If you’re looking for medical marijuana oil online, you’ll eventually come across Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). Some people call this oil the ultimate cure for cancer, and you’re probably wondering how accurate this statement is. In this article, we’ll tell you all about Rick Simpson, his story, and everything you need to know about Rick […]

Sativa vs Indica: A Closer Look

Sativa vs Indica A Closer Look

SThe sativa vs indica classification is the most common method to categorize weed for many people. Both species differ in terms of their origins, appearance, cultivation requirements, effects, and medical benefits. However, this distinction has been oversimplifying things for way too long. Classifying marijuana strains by species — sativa or indica — is a typical […]

3 Most Popular Ways to Use Shatter

3 Most Popular Ways to Use Shatter

There is a time in every cannabis user’s life when they feel that inner urge to step up their weed game. This is where shatter comes in. As one of the purest form of cannabis concentrate, shatter can pack several times as much THC as your regular flowers. In fact, most marijuana shatter strains clock […]

What Are Terpenes?

What Are Terpenes

WThe marijuana plant is comprised of around 400 chemical compounds, often referred to as phytonutrients. Over one-third of these botanical compounds belong to a broad category of organic hydrocarbons, or in simple words — terpenes. If you’ve heard the term “terpenes” before, then you’ve probably also heard someone using this word interchangeably with “terpenoids.” While […]

Strain Review: Black Diamond

Black Diamond Review

Diamonds are forever — just like the high from the Black Diamond strain. This super potent indica can definitely pack a punch, and its complex aroma and flavor profile of berries and grapes will undoubtedly captivate any weed aficionado who’s into chasing unique flavors. Not only does the Black Diamond strain offer a textbook definition […]

CBD vs THC: What Are the Benefits?

CBD THC Benefits

The legal use of cannabis is on the rise. Today, we know a lot more about the plant than we did 10 years ago. Cannabis consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits of different cannabinoids; they’re also more curious about their options. Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the two most abundant compounds found […]

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