Farm & Florist – Olive Oil 360mg THC

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200ML Bottle – 360MG THC in each bottle – 9MG THC per teaspoon

Our extra virgin infused olive oil maintains the pungent aroma of ripe olives and ensures the natural flavours are retained. A dynamic THC edible, it is best enjoyed in its raw form, but provides the benefit of being incorporated into marinades and cooking. Dip it in with fresh bread, drizzle it on your salad, or use it in your stir-fry, infused olive oil is a delicious way to add healthy monounsaturated fats to your diet

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1 review for Farm & Florist – Olive Oil 360mg THC

  1. 420Girl

    Taste just like regular olive oil, very potent and last you a long time. But it’s kinda pricey imo. A lil bit goes along way though.

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