Silver Haze AA

Grade: AA


Silver Haze – Is a sativa dominant hybrid, created by crossing the Haze strain with the popular Northern Lights. The bud has long dense pepper shaped buds’, neon green colors with gold and amber undertones. It is quite an eye candy, with the nugs looking frosty with crystal white trichomes and having a layer of sweet sticky resin. The look is complimented by the pungent earthy pine, aroma and taste. Users commend it for its strong clear cerebral head high that leaves you happy, creative and energetic. Due to its sativa nature it is ideal for daytime while treating stress, anxiety pain and depression. THC levels are known to exceed 14% with this strain.


Earn up to 99 Green Buck Points.

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1 review for Silver Haze AA

  1. Patrick0903

    When i got this strain i had pretty high hopes, but i wasnt exactly satasifed. The buds look decent but lacks aroma aswell as taste and the high wasnt really hitting the spot for me.

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