Chemo Kush

Grade: AAA


The Indica dominant hybrid Chemo, is a rare strain known for potent medicinal effects. With high levels of THC, Chemo is notorious for couch-lock symptoms. The sticky, woody, and pine scented nugs deliver a euphoric and relaxing body high. Also known for the munchies, Chemo is recommended for night use, and can relieve symptoms of chronic pain, insomnia, stress, nausea or seizures.

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Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Chemo Kush

  1. LeBim (verified owner)

    With the deal the price is nice for what you get. Not much but of smell and taste. Nice light green color with some purple. Still better that the Snow White who was all brownish… not been well dry.

  2. timaxos-07 (verified owner)

    Potency,smell and curing is on point but bud structure could be better

  3. marcus L (verified owner)

    This one is fantastic. The nugs are big, most over 2g in size. They have a wonderful array of deep greens and really dark leaves making for some very fascinating looking flower. The smell is unique and pungent. Immediately upon opening the bag, the aroma exploded into the air. Hints of sweet and bitter tied to a backend flavor of deep woods. The flavor profile is difficult to put into words. The flavor is more of the same in terms of profile, with a strong Kush presence.

    Where this one really wins, is in the feel and duration of the high. Chemo is a very strong indica, breeding vivid body effects and a distracted mind. This bag did exactly that for me!

    All things considered, price & potency first, this is a winner.

  4. ChadRowett (verified owner)

    smooth smoke, earthy smell , great price! would order again

  5. murray42 (verified owner)

    Great smoke

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